Should I Join a Traffic Exchange?

Traffic is King

When you begin looking for ways to build your online business, the option to join a traffic exchange will frequently be presented as the approach to use in order to win substantial numbers of visitors. The suggestion will look good because it seems like a simple way to generate many hits to a recently established site new. Seems like a good deal because all the gooroos say that traffic is king. Get involved with them and see the traffic soar.


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What is a Traffic Exchange Anyway?

At their simplest, they are ways that a website owner can get traffic to their own site in return for them visiting other sites. In order to gain those credits then each page visited has to display for between 10 and 30 seconds. Credits earned then count towards the display of a page of yours to other users of the traffic exchange (TE). Additional credits can be earned by referring others to the exchange or they can be bought.

Sounds good so far because your site is getting traffic which is the goal.

Tell Me How to Find Them

Not so fast because using one or more of them is an important business decision which needs careful consideration.

Clearly using their services will generate traffic to the site being promoted. Add to that the fact that people who use them are likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed and the site concerned gets a boost in ranking there.

Now consider the drawbacks…..

Poor Traffic Quality

There is very little point in achieving hits on any website if the traffic is of very low-quality. Yet that is exactly what happens when a TE is used. People are generally only clicking on a link so that they can get more credits in order to display their own ad. That will, in turn, get them more low-quality clicks on their own website.

It is true that any website needs traffic. The argument given by supporters of the traffic exchanges is that they provide a substantial increase in visitor numbers. More traffic is a ‘good thing’ so this means that it is important to join a traffic exchange.

Low Conversions

The whole reason for having a site is for people to take an action. In the jargon of it, they become a convert when they buy, enter an email address or take some other action. This means that relevant, targeted visitors are essential. Yet the TE scattergun approach is merely throwing something out into the ether and hoping that some of it sticks. Much better to have a lower number of visitors with a high conversion rate in order to achieve long-term business goals.

Time is Money

Now, you are setup with a traffic exchange and spent an hour clicking to earn credits. Your site is beginning to get visitors but how many are bounces? Most TE visitors will never even look at the page but will just click to get to the next one as fast as they can. Is it getting any newsletter subscribers? Have there been any sales?

24 Hours In A Day

Then consider that there are only 24 hours in a day and some must be spent sleeping, eating and keeping the tax people happy. The hour spent clicking for credits brought in at most 150 displays for your site (5 clicks per minute on a 10 second timer).
That time could have been spent on more productive promotion methods which may not bring a quick traffic fix but they will build for the future.

I would prefer to spend that hour on something more constructive that generated some real action like sales or subscribers. Check out Traffic Tactics for Gaining Visitors here on Inaregee.

Who Uses Traffic Exchanges?

Sign up for a TE and you will soon find that they are primarily internet marketers attempting to max out each others credit card with the latest and greatest deal. Of course, the only person who is actually making money out of these pyramid schemes is the one at the top.

Occasionally a naive marketer may place an advert for a non IM product but they are rare.


Traffic Exchanges may occasionally produce sales or signups but the quality of the traffic that comes from them is generally poor. Hits to your site will rise but mostly from internet marketers looking to attract hits to their own sites. The result is that everybody is selling basically the same product to each other. Much better to concentrate on other methods that bring visitors who have an interest in the site content. They are more likely to buy or sign-up to a mailing list that is being promoted.

By Ian Dixon, Inaregee IM Campus Lead Tutor
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Updated: February 4, 2014 — 8:40 am

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  1. When starting out I tried them, then after studying a bit, visitors can be bought at fiverr, thousands for a few bucks, it does nothing for your Authority or SEO. Setting up Videos that link to your quality site takes less time and gets results.

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